• 11th Annual Juried Art Competition at Bridgeport Art Center

    May 19 - July 7th 2023
    I was honored to be included in Bridgeport Art Center's 11th Annual Juried Art Competition this year. The show was impactful and beautiful and I am grateful and happy to have my painting "In Defense of Childhood and Silliness" included amongst such stunning work. Check out the show above!

  • Bucktown Arts Fest

    I recently participated in the 2022 Bucktown Arts Fest; It was a wonderful weekend full of beautiful local and national art, I highly recommend checking it out if you have the chance!

  • Artist Statement and Bio

    Artist Statement

    My paintings begin as an exploration of beauty, color, gratitude, and peace; a reverence for the merit and meaning I find in my surrounding world. I begin with swaths of color in watered down acrylic, placing their companions until they meet in a harmony of color and asymmetry. I then begin painting my transparent figural components in delicate strokes of oil paint in their complementary colors; flowers blooming as if out of the paint beneath them, insects graciously working in their environment for the benefit of all.

    My work is inspired out of a deep love and respect for the world around me, the miracles that sit by our feet and work around our toes daily, the magic in the harmony of intentionally placed color and the grace of the everyday. My art represents the world that is here now and the opportunity to slow down, stop and revel in life.


    Kendra Fuller is a painter and mixed media artist living in Jefferson Park in Chicago. Raised in southern New Mexico, she fell in love with painting and drawing at age 16. During college she discovered a passion for conserving artworks and pursued art conservation with internships at The Newberry Library and Northwestern University. She worked as a conservation technician following these internships and was lucky to get to assist cleaning murals at The Merchandise Mart with The Conservation Center. It was during her time at The Conservation Center that she realized that she was ready to make her own art again, and she began teaching courses at Lillstreet Art Center. Then she became a mother, which has been the most incredible artistic journey of her life thus far. She currently paints and creates while balancing motherhood, and was honored to participate in Bridgeport Art Center's Annual Juried Art Competition last year.